Design & Engineering


Voss engineers are ready to help solve your specific

needs—from product inception, through manufacturing, to customer support. We can produce parts from your prints, or we can do the design and development work for you. Voss has complete project management capabilities, or we can work directly with a prime contractor. Most importantly, Voss has the experience, expertise, and R&D capability to help meet your unique component design requirements.


3D Model

Finite Element Analysis



• Voss Utilizes the Latest in CAD/CAM Technologies


• 2D & 3D Modeling w/Finite Element Analysis


• 3D Printing (Design Visualization)


• Support for Most Popular Design Software


3D Print

Actual Component

Tooling, Prototyping & Testing


Being able to produce high quality components time after time is due primarily to our total in-house design, tooling, prototyping, and testing capabilities. Voss uses the latest in CAD and CNC technology to design and produce any special tooling required. New designs & concepts can first be visualized through the use of 3D modeling and printing technologies. Once product designs are finalized, prototypes are then developed to exacting specifications and subjected to thorough product and qualification testing.


Test Stand Capabilities


• Temperatures to 1500 °F


• Pneumatic pressures to 2500 psi


• Testing stands are computer controlled and continuously monitored, permitting unattended around-the-clock testing.


• Test stands are capable of simultaneous pressure and flexure (bending moment) cycling under room or elevated temperature conditions, while periodically checking joint integrity via leakage measurement.


Test and Evaluation Capabilities


Hydraulic pressure testing to 10 000 psi, micro and Rockwell hardness testing, metallographic and macro material examination, tensile testing, stress rupture test (constant load/elevated temperature) and fatigue testing (cyclic loading).



Voss is a manufacturer of specialized band clamps, V-band couplings, flanges,

ducting components and a variety of other fabricated products for all industries.


We are located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA with customers, distributors and sales offices worldwide.

(216) 771-7655

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